Sunday, February 1, 2009

Josh & Jodi - January 31

NOTE:  This was our first wedding to photograph.  Thanks, guys, for letting us practice on you!

The flower girl was supposed to give him a kiss on the cheek, but she had bigger plans. The Bible Bearer pretended not to like it, but she was a cutie patootie.

Jodi & her sister
The uncle of the groom and the flower girl were sharing a moment....
His first glance at her...his face says it all.
Click the picture to see their smiles up closer.

This picture made me cry - click to see the emotion up close.

A Winter Wonderland!

At the end of their father/daughter song together ("You're the Only Little Girl")......not a dry eye in the house.
Cake Design: Marianne Brown


sankey family said...

These are the first 2 pictures I've seen of Marc's cousin's wedding. I saw a picture of her cake on Marianne's I'm getting bits and
Everything looks beautiful!

Jenna Dewhurst said...

wow these are so great!

Rob and Deanna said...

You did AWESOME, Sarah, catching the emotion & joy of this Gorgeous Wedding!!! Love the picture of Josh when he 1st saw her & the expressions when they had their "1st" Kiss. I was back in the nosebleed section, did not get to see expressions at all. Thanks for the up-close-and-personal views!

the clemensclan said...

You did beautiful job! The pics are gorgeous! I can't wait to see them all!
Regina Eckert

Kelly S said...

You did a very good job! Great pictures. It was a beautiful wedding, wasn't it?! You and David looked very professional. I'm tired of seeing photographers dressed in jeans and looking shabby at weddings!

Connie said...

You all did an awesome job taking pictures of the wedding. I really enjoyed meeting you. Keep up the great work.
Connie Earls

danielpauledwards said...

Sarah, thanks for posting pictures of the wedding... I've been anxious to see some! We had to miss it because of being out of state for a camp. Mom forgot her camera in her flower frenzy. You guys do such a great job!! Hope you are feeling alright while growing your new little Fry. :-)

Ronda said...

Awesome pictures of a beautiful couple and a beautiful wedding! Great job!

The Arender's said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Arender's said...

I vistited your blog and love your pictures! Just thought I would let you know. My previous comment got sent to the trash bin because of my spelling blooper. LOL! You really do beautiful work with your pictures!


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